Photo by Henry Friedman

Afghanistan: A View from the Ground opens with some surprising things she found including a children’s circus, women drivers, women studying Taekwando and basketball with male instructors and more. Scenes and stories from Kabul City, Herat and Bamiyan city and province (where the Buddhas were blown up) give one a feel for life in these different places. Again, the presentation will share the stories of women Peggy met, this time including refugees, business women, parliamentarians, Afghan expats who’ve returned, a defense lawyer and youth among others. There will also be updates on a few of the women interviewed previously. Maps and aerial shots give one a sense of place and geography. This presentation is an eye-opening and stereotype-breaking introduction to the current situation in Afghanistan. One hour and half hour formats available

Gathering Strength: Conversations with Afghan Women focuses on women in the book of the same name. Each of the women presented brings to light some of the issues Afghan women (and men) face. Peggy shares background information on some of the women that is not printed. Available in 20 minute, half hour and one hour formats

Human Rights in Afghanistan shares the stories of women as they relate to various women’s and human rights issues. Peggy shares interviews with a women’s defense lawyer, women prisoners, human rights professionals and parliamentarians among others. Discussion of Taliban vs warlord justice, domestic violence and shelters, health issues and more bring a grassroots perspective of the complexities and challenges that Afghanistan women face.  This presentation can be given in either half hour, 45 minute or one hour formats.

Patience, Persistence, Perspective and not Just a Little Pluck is a show that chronicles Peggy’s journey creating and carrying out the Afghan Women’s Project. Included are the stories and lessons from three business women she interviewed. The program ends with five takeaways that Peggy learned from her process.  Half hour format only

Lessons Learned from Afghan Women shares the stories of some of the women from the Gathering Strength presentation and offers lessons to folks in the field of development anywhere. 20 minutes only.

Travel: Your Passport to a Richer Life Peggy shares stories from her extensive travels, including her junior year abroad in Iran. Against a flowing background of stereotype-breaking images she took in Afghanistan, Peggy shows how her travels have deeply affected her life and the way she views the world. The program ends with 20 pieces of out of the ordinary travel advice. Half hour only.

The photography exhibit, Afghan Women: Portraits and Stories, Volume Two consists of 27 portraits, each accompanied by the woman’s bio and an excerpt from her intervew. You may see samples of the exhibit on this website.