Afghan Women's Project

Reviews & Comments

Talk  about Peggy’s exhibit and presentations:

“One young woman, a very strong feminist, brought a friend in the welding program, not at all progressive in thought.  He was stunned that women had to live and tolerate the lives you described. His world is forever changed. That alone is worth it all.” Diana Quealy-Berge, professor

“This body of work immediately connects us to our hearts for these honest, straightforward portraits are of women we intuitively know. Each face gazes into our souls evoking our admiration, friendship, and respect. The portraits are perfectly composed with delicate coloration so that they stand artistically complete, yet all work harmoniously together as a multifaceted, feminine statement of power. The Afghan Women’s Project is a statement of courage, a visual affirmation of beauty and strength in the midst of cruelty and war.”  Carol Blanchard

…deeply moving stories! We look forward to your next exhibit.”   Steve Vera, photographer

“Peggy Kelsey’s work, “The Afghan Women’s Project” is a must-see photo-documentary of portrait and biographical narrative. It touches the strength, wisdom, brilliance, courage and suffering of a cross section of contemporary Afghan women. It is a study in the resilience of the human spirit and an invitation to humility and compassion for the viewer. It crosses the boundaries of time and culture. Stunning!”

“My Impressions of the work of Peggy Kelsey and the Afghan Women’s Project:

As that old song goes “You’ve got to have heart, miles and miles of heart” and the age-old adages of walk a mile in my shoes and you had to be there. Well, Peggy Kelsey was there, to document the way it was, is, and the hopes and dreams for the future of those Afghan Women.

The images and words bring the lives of these Afghan women to your front door. They jog your consciousness by allowing you to see and feel…

It’s the individual stories of these women that add impact to the big picture. Each one of us has a story to tell and through these photos, interviews and the intimacy established we can feel more aware, more connected, more alive and more compassionate. Peggy Kelsey’s photographic slide show and personal storytelling of her trip to Afghanistan to document the lives of Afghan women for her Afghan Women’s Project make those feelings possible. What struck me about the photographs, interviews and commentary is their depth.As close as one can be without being in their body, mind, soul and situation.

It gives you the feeling of almost being there. A compassionate and informative glimpse of the trials, tribulations, successes and failures of a forgotten and abused sector of Afghan society.”  -Henry Friedman, photojournalism instructor, radio personality and professional photographer

“I am certain that a presentation on Afghan women I attended at CSU would be an exciting addition to the schedule of speakers at St. Ben’s and St. John’s. I and fellow writer Marilyn Salzl Brinkman came back from a Women & Spirituality Symposium in Ohio resolved to recommend Peggy Kelsey. While her website stresses her photographic skill, I was most impressed by her deep knowledge of women’s issues in Islamic central Asia.” -J. Clancy

“I truly enjoyed Peggy Kelsey’s presentation. She has a gift of telling stories about these women. I can imagine their futures. I understand more about their history, cultures, traditions, women’s rights, and the civil rights movement. Her presentation provoked more of my thoughts. I felt I wanted to learn more about them and I wanted to know what I can do to help them. I was very happy to learn about the women’s rights movement in Afghanistan.” -SuHsien Hsu, student

“Wonderful photographs—Inspiring message of triumph through adversity.” -C. Houvland

“The words and images Peggy brings to us make me want to reach out and work with the women.” -J. Vickers, filmmaker

“…[your exhibit] made me realize how important it is to fight for what you desire most. It showed how strong these women are and showed me how strong I could be.” Maria Bautista, high school student

“Your exposition has opened my eyes and let me explore Afghanistan from our home country. Your exposition is more insightful and personal than any of the trips that could be made since you step into people’s hearts and homes. You have given me a gift that no one can take away from me.” Andrea Espinosa, high school student

“Your pictures captured the emotions of each woman’s tale. It made us respect ourselves more as women.” They made us more inspired to be stronger women just like them.” Ashley, Brianna and Eugina, high school students