My breakfast table, Facing a bed of deep-red, pink-magenta And pale-tinged roses, The peaceful breeze caressing my back Birds calling out A plate of two sunny eggs, Flatbread and green tea before me. Who would think I’m in Afghanistan? **** All alone, carefully hidden in my tiny cave While thunderous explosions And flashes of light crash around me. Their deafening roar brings excitement As I gaze across the impossibly deep-blue lake Through the curtain of riotous rain. When the deluge subsides And I finally crawl out of my rocky shelter, I’m met with a fully arched Double rainbow. Double blessings. Double happiness. And to think that I considered Turning back at the first sight of clouds.

2 Responses to “Places”

  1. Louise Stahl says:

    …And to think…
    Peggy, your photos, writings, adventures, insights, relationships & poems have touched
    mind & heart, deeply. Many thanks for sharing them.

  2. Peggy Kelsey says:

    I’m not sure what your are asking. Are you wanting to know if the poem is true? It was my experience.

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