My breakfast table,

Facing a bed of deep-red, pink-magenta

And pale-tinged roses,

The peaceful breeze caressing my back

Birds calling out

A plate of two sunny eggs,

Flatbread and green tea before me.

Who would think I’m in Afghanistan?


All alone, carefully hidden in my tiny cave

While thunderous explosions

And flashes of light

crash around me.

Their deafening roar brings excitement

As I gaze across the impossibly deep-blue lake

Through the curtain of riotous rain.

When the deluge subsides

And I finally crawl out of my rocky shelter,

I’m met with a fully arched

Double rainbow.

Double blessings.

Double happiness.

And to think that I considered

Turning back at the first sight of clouds.

2 Responses to “Places”

  1. Louise Stahl says:

    …And to think…
    Peggy, your photos, writings, adventures, insights, relationships & poems have touched
    mind & heart, deeply. Many thanks for sharing them.

  2. Peggy Kelsey says:

    I’m not sure what your are asking. Are you wanting to know if the poem is true? It was my experience.

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